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The Kruger National Park, in Northeastern South Africa, is one of Africa’s largest, most spectacular game reserves. Its high density of wild animals that include the world renowned Big 5 wonder the African plains almost timelessly.  Hundreds of other mammals make their home in this area, as do diverse bird species such as vultures, eagles and storks. The region consists of  mountains, bush plains and tropical forests all which form a part of this magnificent, awe inspiring landscape.  

Kruger Parks lodging options include luxury, exclusive and premier safari lodges, as well as serene rest camp accommodation with chalets, bungalows and bush tents, our main objective is to offer our guests every luxury to ensure a memorable, joyous safari experience.

Can you picture yourself sitting on a deck high above the tree line, cold beverage in hand, watching the sun set over the African plains whilst lions roar in distance with the many different African night life sounds harmoniously joining in? Or perhaps rising in the morning and driving out of your camp, filled with anticipation as you keep your eyes focused for that possible overnight lion kill, or a leopard casually draping itself over the branch of a big acacia tree or maybe its that herd of antelope taking a morning stroll that gets you going. Then ask yourself, is there anywhere else in this world that you could wake up this happy ? Or that you’d rather be?

Some Activities In The Area Include:

Seeking out Africa’s “Big 5”,

Morning & Afternoon game drives,

Wilderness Trails On Foot,

Picnics In The Wild,

Walking Tours,

Camping Tours,

Elephant Interaction,

Tiger Fishing,

Mountain Biking,

Photo Safaris,

Historical Museum Visits,

Curio Shopping,

Hot Air Ballooning,

Cats of Africa interaction.

Kruger National Park

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