1. Protection of Environment :

2. OPERATORS Instructions :

The CLIENT hereby agrees to adhere to all instructions given by the OPERATOR (whether given verbally, displayed on notices in vehicles, published in leaflets or other documentation) during the SAFARI including :

3. Baggage and Equipment :

For Fly-in Safaris :

4. CLIENTS Health and Documentation :

5. Risks, hazards and dangers :

The CLIENT understands and appreciates fully the fact that there are risks, hazards and dangers involved or may be encountered during the SAFARI. More particularly :

 The CLIENT acknowledges the potential risks and dangers and hereby voluntarily assumes the risk inherent in taking part in the SAFARI.

6. Liability :

For example

This caused by immigration regulations, industrial action, adverse weather, flooding, road access and such.

7. Insurance :

8. Indemnity :

 The CLIENT hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the OPERATOR :

9. Bookings& Payment :

10. Photographs :

11. Breach and Nuisance :

12. Early Termination and Deviations :


14. General :

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