Why Africa

as destination for your vacation.


Africa, mostly South Africa has a humongous amount of destinations to choose from if you’re looking to either go on a family holiday, a romantic getaway, elope or the most obvious of reasons, safari. The activities on the list of these destinations are endless yet extraordinarily unique.

Africa is known for its beautiful sunsets, sunny days, serene beaches, colourful culture and interesting past. Yet the most attractive quality of this horn like shaped continent is its wildlife, with millions of tourists flocking the country to experience these creatures in their natural habitat, and its not hard to see why anyone would choose Africa over any other destination in the world.

Why South Africa?


Good Infrastructure:

South Africa out of all the other countries in Africa, has the biggest and best infrastructure. Making it easy to accommodate international guests in supreme luxurious lodges with hot running water, electricity, fairly good roads and a delicious variety of food supplies.


Rand Currency

Fortunately for countries other than South Africa, the Rand has become a very weak currency in comparison to the British Pound, Euro or even the Dollar. As a result, making a long lasting and enjoyable holiday possible for the average earning citizen.


The Whole World Compacted into One

It is said that South Africa has an astonishing amount of activities to do and destinations to see. With beaches like the Bahamas, Colonial styled buildings like the Netherlands and snow-capped mountains like Canada.

Some things still stay true to South Africa only, the safari vibe, fascinating game viewing and the collisions of the 11 different languages and cultures, locally known as the rainbow nation.

Experience South Africa for the country it is by letting us help you arrange, plan and organise your safari of a lifetime.